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common ragwort

Herpetosure destructive searches and sensitive vegetation clearance services are widely used by ecological consultants and developers across the UK. The Herpetosure group combines the most innovative forestry techniques and equipment with experienced, ecologically aware operatives and operators. This approach delivers a high speed and cost effective solution to all site vegetation and habitat clearance issues.

Destructive Search Operations

  • Strimming
  • Mulching
  • Flailing
  • Tree Shear Operations
  • Tree Felling
  • Chipping
  • Spraying

Project Focus – Ecological Fencing and Sensitive Site Clearance: Coventry

Three Shires recently completed a reptile fencing and sensitive site clearance project in Coventry for Norwich Union Life and Pensions, under the instruction of The John Lester Partnership; here we look more closely at the how Three Shires can solve time critical ecological and vegetation issues quickly, sensitively and cost effectively. This sort of project illustrates how using skilled specialist ecological contractors can be the difference between a project that moves forward and a project that is forced to a halt.

Cost Effective Solution to a Growing Problem

Three Shires was initially approached to assist with a potential reptile issue, which was directly affecting the progress of contaminated land remediation operations on site. Quite rightly our client acted upon the advice from RSK Carter Ecological, the project’s ecological consultants, and contacted the Herpetosure team immediately.

Three Shires were brought on board immediately as Herpetosure approved contractors in the region, and were on site for a consultation within 2hrs. In order to ensure the protection of any reptiles on site it was decided an exclusion fence should be installed as a precaution. Three Shires were on the site the next working day to install the reptile fence so to minimise the impact on the remediation works, which would other wise have incurred daily costs for standing plant and operators.

On completion of the remediation works Three Shires were contacted to complete sensitive clearance of trees and vegetation on the 2.5 hectare site. The vegetation on the site included over 300 trees, brambles of over 15ft in height and ground level shrub material. Adding to the complexity of the task were potential reptile issues, the undulating ground conditions and months of fly tipped rubbish, disused gas bottles and household appliances.